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Up to Speed with Colette: New MLS Models are the Way of the Future

REsides CEO, Colette Stevenson, had the opportunity to catch up with Greg Robertson of Vendor Alley to discuss the future of MLSs...

Transformational Change
From Inman Connect New York: Prioritize Innovation and Embrace Change

One of our favorite events of the year is always Inman Connect. And this year's Spring conference was no different...

Weighing in with Colette
Applauding HomeSmart's New Revenue-sharing Model for Agents

The March 11th article in RisMedia that showcased HomeSmart's new revenue-sharing model for agents made me smile. Boy, have we come a...

Data is King
The Essential Ingredient for Real Estate Technologies to Pay Off: MLS Data

There is no denying that these are wild times in real estate. And there is no change on the near horizon when it comes to low inventory, high demand...

New Innovative Business Models
A New MLS Model: Providing Equitable Ownership Fills a Critical Industry Gap

The real estate industry is under dramatic transformation. It’s constantly and rapidly changing with technological advancements that have ignited new and...

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