The Benefits of MLS Ownership

The Benefits of MLS Ownership

Having a shared interest in the success and growth of an MLS provides you significant and long-standing value.

Every time a broker or agent enters data into separate MLSs, we all lose.
That’s the way it’s been for so long. It’s not the path forward.

At REsides, we envision the next generation of MLSs as a smaller, more intimate marketplace where data is king and the value of listing data is recognized and rewarded. That’s why our unique MLS model provides shared, equitable interest where we work and win, together.

It's your future, own it

A Win-Win for Everyone: Real and Rewarding Benefits

REsides is the first and only MLS to offer a revolutionary new model that provides equitable shareholder value allowing you to take control of your future. The benefits of the new model are real and rewarding, providing a win-win for everyone.

The Benefits

Early Market Entry

Grow our own way – a way that shakes up an industry being held back by its inability to leave behind its old ways.


Earn economically meaningful ownership in a company that grows as it grows.

Marketplace Expertise

Ongoing services that are vital to making the marketplace work, such as monitoring and maintaining data or providing rules and guidance.

Local Control

Control over each local MLS will remain just that – local! We want to help keep the data directly with our agents who work with it.


Working with you to provide the integrations you need to strengthen your company’s value prop.

Rich Data

Data is king. Together, we can leverage the power of a larger, shared data set with an up-to-date pool of listings covering a wide geographical area.

Tech Stack

With increased participation, our market share grows and we continue to invest and provide world-class technology to subscribers at every level.

Data Integrity

We improve the lives of the consumer by accelerating the collaboration of real estate technology, driven by accurate and comprehensive information.

Virtual MLS

An MLS-without-boundaries infrastructure that allows you to participate and facilitate the marketing of listings located from ANYWHERE and ANY TIME.

Let’s Change MLS Together!

The MLS path forward is smarter. Simpler. Let’s work on taking control of our industry and of our data. In doing so, we all succeed.

Let's Change MLS Together!

Hello, Brokers & MLS Leaders!

Did you know that joining REsides, Inc. allows you to become a partner with an equitable stake? Let's work together to share in the success.

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