About REsides

About REsides

Creating Valuable Staying Power for MLSs

The real estate industry was built on relationships. Simply put, people doing business with people.

With the massive infusion of heavily-funded technologies to modernize the real estate industry and the push towards end-to-end self-service portals, this basic premise is being compromised.

Brokers are now coping with new competitive pressures and the fate of their future.

At REsides, we're changing that.

As real estate visionaries and thought leaders, we are dedicated to putting the power back into the hands of brokers by creating valuable staying power for MLSs.

Belong to Something Bigger:

A Revolutionary New MLS Model

About REsides MLS, a revolutionary new MLS model

At REsides, we believe that in order for brokers to compete in this new technologically-driven, dynamic market, they need to take control of their future.

We are the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new model that provides meaningful, financial benefits allowing you to become an equitable shareholder in an MLS.

The Power of Ownership

Our first-of-its kind MLS model provides the power of ownership.

Never before have you had the opportunity to belong to something bigger in MLS. With our unique MLS equity model, you have the ability to take full control of your future. The model enables you to harness the power of listing data and strengthen MLSs competitive position.

Having a shared interest in the success and growth of the company provides you significant and long-standing competitive advantages.

REsides freedom advantages


Ownership is yours cannot be taken away.

REsides flexibility advantages


Greater access to capital enables the unlocking of value for future growth investments. We’re stronger, together.

REsides financial advantages


Gain economically meaningful ownership in the company that grows as it grows, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

REsides security advantages


MLS data fuels the industry – it’s at the center of everything.

Hello, Brokers & MLS Leaders!

Did you know that joining REsides, Inc. allows you to become a partner with an equitable stake? Let's work together to share in the success.

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